The Saint Nectan Orthodox Study Group is under the direct guidance of Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia. Consult our main website for Western Rite in the British Isles

The heading picture is of Saint Michael's Mount in Cornwall - set aside for a Monastery before the Great Schism


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Saint Aldhelm in Bournemouth
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Saint Edmund the Martyr in Nottingham

The Study Group was originally set up in 2010, and met each month to share our knowledge and understanding of the history, doctrine and worship of the Orthodox Church. It has since moved from North Devon to Weston super Mare, and is now being re-established.

Originally we didn't have a western rite priest of our own, but our first priest was ordained in autumn 2012 by Bishop Jerome, the then vicar bishop of the western rite in the Russian Church outside Russia. Enclosed below is the announcement of his ordination. So Father Thomas Cook is now the recognised head of our mission in this country, and we meet him monthly to celebrate the Divine Liturgy.

As we are spread across the country, meeting for the Liturgy in its western form is quite difficult, so we individually make our own local arrangements to attend a local Orthodox church using the Byzantine or eastern rite. However, we have arranged to meet on a regular monthly basis at the Headington Cemetery Chapel in Oxford (Dunstan Road OX3 9BY), to celebrate the Divine Liturgy of Saint Gregory the Great. Dates of forthcoming services and other events can be found on the main mission website

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News Release

On October 5, 2012, being the Ember Friday, Fr Anthony, Pastoral Vicar for Western Rite (ROCOR) presented to His Grace, Bishop Jerome of Manhattan, Vicar Bishop for Western Rite, Thomas Harry Cook of Nottingham, England for ordination to the Holy Priesthood in St Ambrose of Milan, Putnam Valley New York.

 Father Thomas will be Rector of St Edmund the Martyr Orthodox Church. He is the first Western Rite priest to be ordained by ROCOR for England. Fr Thomas is married to Matushka Jane and they have two children. Fr Thomas has been Orthodox for 6 years and holds a BA with Honors in Philosophy from King's College, University of London and a DipHE in Orthodox Christian Studies from the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge. He will receive his M. Div. in December. The Criminal Background Check required of all Western Rite Clergy prior to ordination was completed by the Nottinghamshire Police in June of 2012. 

 The Rev Thomas CookSt Edmund the Martyr
7A Victoria Street, Geding
Nottingham, Notts. NG4 3JE

"Dignus est!"

Fr Anthony, Pastoral Vicar
New York

Welcome to the Saint Nectan Orthodox Study Society, a small, new branch of the Western Rite Orthodox Mission within the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia. It has been holding meetings in North Devon and its members are finding out all about the Orthodox Church as it is here in England, for English people. However, it has recently moved to Western super Mare, and may be contacted there.

All people remotely interested in the Orthodox form of Christianity - the world's oldest and second largest Christian Church - are welcome to come to Saint Nectan's meetings and services. Orthodoxy teaches the fullest and purest form of the original Christianity taught by Christ and His Apostles. All other Christian groups and churches have at some time in the past broken away from the original Church founded by Christ and are therefore now incomplete and the poorer. We invite you to join with us.

Telephone: 01934 249232